At IPB, we are more than a real estate company; we are visionaries redefining the essence of property investment. Our ethos, "Explore, Materialize & Deliver," drives our mission to continually push the boundaries of the real estate industry. We offer opportunities that transcend borders, embodying innovation, integrity, and excellence in every venture.


Our approach

We envision a real estate market where value is not just added but multiplied, through a customized strategic approach that redefines quality and innovation. Our core values – Innovation, Integrity, Excellence, Collaboration, Service, Responsibility, and Proactivity – are the pillars that uphold our unique identity. They guide us in transforming every project into a game-changing masterpiece.

Integrated Excellence in Real Estate: We redefine value-added investments by integrating a comprehensive approach to real estate potential. Our strategic focus is on acquiring and leveraging income-generating properties with significant untapped room for improvement. We are committed to identifying future development sites.

Our portfolio extends to properties ready for immediate development, accurately selected to avoid unnecessary market or planning risks. We also specialize in transforming non-productive real estate through a strategic 'acquire, restructure and sell' process. Our integrated approach combines market insights, development expertise and capital restructuring experience to deliver exceptional profitability and strategic growth in real estate investments.


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    San José, Costa Rica